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Woman of God Rings Reviews

Since religious commitment is one of the main reasons people choose to wear purity rings, it makes sense that there are rings out there specifically geared toward this. Spirit & Truth is one brand that focuses on Christian jewelry. If you’re looking for a way to simultaneously express your dedication to purity and spirituality, one of these rings might be perfect for you. Let’s look at some of the Christian purity rings that you might be considering. This stainless steel ring curves around in a perfect circle, meeting in the middle to form a small heart. Black lettering wraps around the side to read “Trust in the Lord with all your heart – Prov. 3:5”. If this is one of [...]

Be Still Handwriting Rings Reviews – Our Top 5

Many people find themselves worrying a lot, getting stressed out, and losing sight of the bigger picture. If you’re in this category, it might help to have a wearable reminder to calm you and give you some perspective. The following purity rings all reference the bible verse Psalm 46:10. Love the verse? Then keep it with you all the time by wearing one of these five great options. Do you love purity diamond rings but are on a budget? Opt for a zirconium-studded ring instead; the stones are just as lovely and a lot more cost-effective. This stainless steel ring by Spirit & Truth is formed from two bands that overlap in the front of the ring and meld together [...]

Purity Ring Meaning – What are Purity Rings?

True Love Waits Ring

Purity rings aren’t for everyone – but for the young people that do choose to wear them, they can be very personally meaningful. So what exactly do they mean? Well, the rings will have different specific meanings depending on the person wearing them; just like you have to get ring bands individually sized to fit a finger, there’s no “one size fits all” purity ring meaning. For some, these rings have religious significance and are often adorned with crosses or verses. For others, it’s a sign of commitment to the one they’re going to marry. Let’s explore a little further what purity rings can mean. The dictionary calls a purity ring “a type of promise ring that also pledges abstinence; also called "chastity [...]